Dr. Maria Katsamanis Explained: An Overview of her Training Approach to Horses

An expert horsewoman with a unique vision and years of experience in riding, training, coaching, and rehabbing horses—

Dr. Maria Katsamanis is one of the world’s most sought after experts in a variety of fields, from equine psychology and classical dressage training to her unique brand of transcendental horsemanship.
Excerpts from an article published in American Lifestyle Magazine, Issue 100

Over the years, she has harnessed her expertise to not only train and develop horses to the highest physical degree, but also to rehabilitate horses and riders who have lost that true feeling of lightness and connection in their relationship and ride.

Always focused on creating these true connections between horses and their human counterparts, Dr. Maria’s individual approach to each horse is based on encouraging mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Combining classical philosophies and the latest discoveries of emerging science like quantum mechanics, her “molecular equitation” results in happy, balanced, willing equines, from the rarest of breeds to rescue horses.

From her game-changing introductory assessment, to the proprietary information on riding posture she has developed, is a testament to her continued committment to improving the condition of horses worldwide

Her experiences in clinical research, as she explained, continue to influence her pursuit of new advances and to champion training techniques, equipment and a philosophical foundation that is pro-horse 100 percent of the time.

Her educational background has helped her refine skills that allow her to continue "pushing the envelope"—

developing advances and innovations that allow for a deeper understanding of equine emotional health, and rider physiology to name a few. Building confidence, physical strength and correctness of motion, and uniting horse and rider on a deeper level are

Her work could be called teaching the rider to “get out of the horse’s way,” as the horses are already light! 

However creating this synergy is a complex maze of preparation, give and take, and performance that must be systematically integrated for true success.

Equilibrium is an often overlooked requirement for optimal performance and connection. As the physiological readiness of the horse’s underlying mechanical structures move and work, they will not be working at an optimal level without balance, timing, and structure that can only be achieved through equilibrium on all levels.

In all of Dr. Maria’s years of experience, she has developed a structured yet flexible method which prepares horses both physically and psychologically for each stage. She has successfully implemented her techniques on horses as far away as India and in just about every discipline.

Her years of creating happy, fit horses through molecular equitation has created a high demand for her training and philosophies; from international in-person clinics and online seminars and courses, equestrians of every nationality, demographic, and discipline have tapped into this holistic and paradigm shifting approach to horsemanship.
She has a way of decoding the horse and is able to translate that to their respective owners. When asked to explain her unique brand of "horse whispering" her simple reply was that we all share a common universal language-

Adding to her absolute committment to promoting physical, mental and emotional wellness for horses she has developed a complete tack line that supports this mission.  To learn more visit www.mariakatsamanis.com/mythos-tack

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis has received worldwide recognition as a horse trainer, clinician, exhibition rider, and author. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.
Dr. Maria has worked with many different breeds and has also had the privilege of training the rare Marwari horses of India. Dr. Maria is coauthor of “The Alchemy of Lightness” (Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2013) that introduces the concept of molecular equitation to the equestrian community.
Her training barn is located in Ringoes, New Jersey and she is hosted for clinics both nationally and internationally. She continues to maintain an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School. With a formal education as a clinical scientist she is able to help demystify and explain elements of this formula where magic seemingly occurs, that are key in helping us establish the ultimate connection with our horses.

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