Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis has received worldwide recognition as a horse trainer, clinician, exhibition rider, and author. She holds a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Dr. Katsamanis has worked with many different breeds and has also had the privilege of training the rare Marwari horses of India. She and her Marwari stallion, Bahadurshah (Baba), champion equine wellness and ethical training methods around the world.

She has participated as a display rider in Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee at Windsor Castle. Dr. Katsamanis is co-author of “The Alchemy of Lightness” (Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2013) that introduces the concept of molecular equitation to the equestrian community.

She has also founded the non-profit organization, Friends for Pegasus, 501c3 and continues to maintain an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. With a formal education as a clinical scientist she is able to help demystify and explain elements of this formula where magic seemingly occurs, that are key in helping us establish the ultimate connection with our horses.

Her explanations of the barriers and myths that block the path between horse and rider frees them making the dance accessible to anyone regardless of age or breed. Her equine background is broad. She studied in Greece, France, and the United States. Her early equestrian career included working as an exercise rider for a French racing barn. Dr. Katsamanis is a native of Greece. The mythology and folklore around the tradition of horsemanship made a significant mark early in her life. Her commitment to the classical tradition is longstanding and she continues to perfect her art. She maintains a residence on the island of Crete in the town of Gergeri but resides in the United States. She maintains an active and exclusive student base in New Jersey and continues to be sought out as a clinician both here and abroad.


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